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Media links to my work include:

Curatorial and scholarly guidance for research exhibitions online, eg. Object Lives project methodology and case study

2019. “Boxes of possibility—and frustration.” blog post, 6 March. 

2018. Interview, American Anthropological Association podcast in association with Museum Ethnographers’ Group conference at Pitt Rivers Museum, 2018.


Website including artist videos, about the Great Box project

Video: "Everything was Carved," about the 2009 Haida delegation to the Pitt Rivers Museum (I was Executive Producer on this video)

Blackfoot Shirts Project website, including shirt photos, historical information, and lesson plans. 


Blog on my curatorial work at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Brave New World Curator.


2016, ‘The colonial encounter,’ history of anthropology series on BBC radio 4.

2005 “Women’s artefacts,” BBC Radio 4, ‘Woman’s Hour’ program. 

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