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Recent consulting projects

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-2023: National Museums Scotland: consultation on return of House of Ni’isjoohl Memorial Pole

-2021: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC: preliminary discussion with staff members regarding human remains policy.

-2021: English Heritage: discussed display issues regarding Indigenous historic items in collection, and linked English Heritage staff with appropriate Indigenous consultants


-2020: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, UK: research on two intriguing hoods in the collection; links to contemporary Indigenous communities; exhibition support.

-2019-2021: Perth Museum & Art Gallery, UK: discussed display issues regarding historic Haida argillite items in collection and linked staff with appropriate Haida consultant

-2019: Arts Council England, UK: research on historic wampum; on historic Wampanoag heritage items; and facilitation of research project with Dr. Margaret Bruchac as part of Mayflower 400.

-2019: Worcester Museums, UK: research, identification and provision of curatorial information on North American collections for redisplay.

-2019: Canadian Canoe Museum, Peterborough ON, 2019: research on 9 canoes from the Northwest Coast, including provenance, circumstances of collection, and identification, relating them to contemporary Indigenous communities, and developing contacts with those communities to support CCM staff visit to develop relationships.

-2019: Peterborough Museum and Archives, Peterborough ON: research on items to facilitate repatriation (volunteer capacity)

Image credit: detail, gun case, Worcester Museum, UK

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